Learn the signs, causes and home remedies for bed bugs

Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

home remedies for bed bugsHome Remedies For Bed Bugs – Do They Exist

That makes you think twice about sleeping in some cheesy, sleazy hotel, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s not the only place where you can run into bed bugs. They can infest your home and the home of your friends as well. It has little to do with poor hygiene or bad housekeeping; they have become so bad that they have reached an almost epidemic proportion.

Why do you need home remedies for bed bugs?

Bed bugs as mature adults ordinarily appear reddish/brown in color and look sort of flat. Some people say that they resemble the seed of an apple in appearance and size. Baby bed bugs that have recently hatched can look like the adults, but for the lack of color home remedies for bed bugsthat they display. As they grow older, they will begin to develop the color of mature adults. A grown bed bug can lay as many as five eggs daily. Seeing a bed bug with the human eye is very nearly impossible since they closely resemble a dust particle. No matter what however, no one should have to put up with these creatures in their home. And just because you don’t think you felt their bite, that’s in a good number of these cases, the location of the bite will be itchy and you will more likely than not eventually have red bite marks on your skin. These pests are not harmless and there are actually children that have become anemic due to these bugs.

Home Remedies For Bed Bugs – Start From The Beginning

Keeping these critters away from your home is the first step. Good sanitation and good hygiene habits assist in the prevention of them thriving. Now and then, it won’t hurt to inspect your entire house for any signs of bed bugs. Should you have to sleep in hotels or motels make sure you bring along a premium quality bed bug spray and spray it generously on your hotel or motel bed. There are lots of products out there that can be utilized to prevent infestation. Take the time to do your research and keep searching until you find the best remedy.

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These pests are incredibly tiny and they can drink their fill of human blood in fewer than fifteen minutes. Once these creatures have gorged themselves on blood, they don’t even look like bed bugs anymore. As a matter fact when they are engorged with blood, some people think they look like a completely different insects (a tick maybe?). After an adult lays its eggs there is a 10-day incubation period before the babies will hatch. Once they do they will need to gorge themselves with blood five times before they can reach the size of an adult. Eventually they shed their exoskeleton in-between feedings. After the babies have grown into adults they will do what comes naturally. They will begin to lay eggs and the cycle continues. They’re basically eating breeding machines. This is why infestation is so common. They will hide inside of mattresses, but can survive just as easily in other parts of your house. They don’t transmit diseases or anything but their bite can be annoying and unappealing.

Using home remedies for bed bugs will not only save you money on exterminators, save you from being exposed to harmful chemicals and get rid of the pests, it will keep them from coming back.

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